Name Change (…heading for a new location)

I’ve been thinking about the name, “Writerrick” for a while. When I decided to begin blogging, it was the “thought of the moment” and seemed rather clever. But, is it? Time has moved on and, hopefully, I’ve grown a little in my writing skills. Today it seems a bit, shall I say, sophomoric.

While my initial intent for the blog was to promote whatever book I’m currently working on, I don’t feel good about haranguing you to pick up my stuff and read it. If you like what you see here, it seems reasonable to believe you’ll like what gets published in book form.

It appears that my more or less monthly offerings have become a commentary on life in general. So, with my next publication, I will be changing the name from Writerrick to Flying with Rick… (subline: Pondering life in my corner of the world.) I rather like that name because my career involved various aspects of flight.

I encourage you to go to:, check it out, and FOLLOW me there.

By the way, I also have a few new goals for myself. While I don’t believe in making New Year’s resolutions, these are worthwhile goals that will hopefully keep you reading.
1. I’ll try to keep the word count down to +/- 500. . . Less is more.
2. I’ll do a better job of editing before publishing.  . . . You deserve the best I can offer.
3. I really welcome your comments, especially if I hit on a topic that can create dialogue. . . There is far too little honest debate in our world today.

I enjoy writing – a gene I apparently inherited from my mother. It’s nice to know that others find what I put on paper of some value. Thank you for your interest.


Rick Iekel…
Writes reality . . . lightly embellished by fiction


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